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At Leam AGRI we have a huge range of handling equipment for all levels of farming enterprises.

Cattle handling & sheep equipment constitute a large proportion of our vast stock! Innovative products like the Ritchie Stock Cube are available here, as well as crushes portable & permanent, cattle hurdles and calving gates. For sheep there are simple races right through to more elaborate setups such as trailed races or Combi Clamp. We also have a large range of weighing & management equipment from adoption crates to EID readers!

For housing we stock feeding barriers, dividing and creep gates, drinkers all with various options we also supply & fit. Mesh and plastic sheep flooring, stokbord sheeting & rubber matting is also stocked here.

We pride ourselves on having a huge choice & variation of products so your sure whatever you need for cattle & sheep handling we generally have it.

Livestock Equipment

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Cattle Handling

  • Cattle Crushes/Gates
  • Crush Headlocks
  • Portable
  • Head Scoop
  • Calving Gates
  • Dehorning Gates
  • Cattle Hurdles
  • Crush Anti Backing Bars
  • Cattle Weighing
  • Calf Transport
  • Sheep Handling

    • Hurdles
    • Swing Gates
    • Sheep Race Equipment
    • Ritchie Equipement
    • Race Hurdles
    • End Gates
    • Footbath
    • Adoption Crates & Panels
    • Weighing Equipment
    • Turnover Crates
    • Indicators & Equipment

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+44 28 6638 1297


12 Drumcor Rd., Tempo, Co, Fermanagh, BT94 3FE