Nugent Bale Lifters

Heavy Duty Bale Lifter Nugent Twin Bale LifterNugent Duo Bale Attach


At Leam Agri, we supply two types of bale lifter - the Heavy Duty Single Bale Lifter and the Twin Bale Lifter, both pictured above, as well as the Duo Bale Attach.



The Heavy Duty Bale Lifter was initially designed for contractors so it is of heavy construction, equipped to carry even the largest of bales and is a highly popular
piece of bale handling equipment within the farming industry.

• The newly designed A-Frame will fit even the largest of tractors with ease
• The new innovative design leaves it one of the strongest yet affordable on the market
• Spring loaded trip mechanism for standing the bale on its end
• 3 point linkage as standard



The Nugent Twin Bale Lifter was designed for contractors or farmers with the larger type tractor. Made from heavy duty box section, its strength and reliability are second to none. Fitted with a hydraulic tipping mechanism, it cuts time and effort for the farmer, therefore making it a popular and efficient piece of machinery to have in any farm yard.

• Strength and reliability to carry two of the largest bales
• Constructed from heavy duty box section
• Hydraulic tipping mechanism
• Reduces time and effort to the farmer
• 3 point linkage as standard


The Nugent Duo Bale Attach allows wrapped bales to be moved safely and efficiently. Using two Heavy Duty Bale Lifters, the Attach allows independent movement of each lifter for simple collection. The Bale Lifters can be dismounted in minutes and attached directly to the back of a tractor on 3-point linkage.

  • Lifts the first bale off the ground to protect it whilst lifting the second bale.
  • Tips in the traditional tipping format, allowing farmers to not only lift two bales at a time but to stand them up on their end.
  • Duo Bale Lifter is made up of the Duo Bale Attach and two existing Nugent Bale Lifters.
  • The single Bale Lifters can be detached and used independently in winter.


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