Ritchie Beef Monitor

Ritchie Beef Monitor

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Track your cattle

The Ritchie Beef Monitor is a weigh unit with a difference. The crate allows cattle to be weighed multiple times a day without the use of labour and without moving cattle from their pen. A huge reduction in stress for both stockman and stock.

Early indication of pen or performance issues

Easy to set up

EID tag reading, weighing and recording

Sit back and relax

After installing a Ritchie Beef Monitor unit in a finishing pen of up to 50 head, the cattle access the water trough by stepping on the weighing platform. Using EID ear tags an accurate weight of each beast can be recorded and sent to the cloud every time they go to water. This enables beef finishing units to closely monitor the growth rate of their cattle.

Cloud based data management

GPS phone signal and monthly subscription required

Monitor cattle weight performance 24/7

Tipping water trough